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We specialize in marketing strategy, branding, video production, content and digital marketing. Our teams of creative writers, animators, videographers, editors, graphic designers, and data-driven strategists work with businesses across all platforms and industries. We design and execute agile content marketing strategies that will attract your audience and push leads through the sales funnel. We develop, create, and build the marketing campaigns for your targeted audience. We're also super great at video marketing because of our vast experience in film, TV, and production. Let us help you produce an incredible film, a stunning commercial, or effective mini-videos.  


Video Marketing

Video marketing is currently a necessity for companies and brands. Well thought out online commercial campaigns provide an effective first exposure of our client’s brand to their target market. It creates a wide reach that amplifies the message while converting at a very high rate. This is a core piece of any brand’s overall digital strategy.

Influencer Marketing/Brand Ambassadors

We help grow your brand with our talented brand influencers. We continually scout for new talent that matches your brand's visual aesthetic and goals, so that your campaigns are effective.

Paid Search Marketing

We specialize in a metric-driven paid search management methodology that drives consistent ROI for our clients. Whether it's Google Display Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, or YouTube Marketing, our team creates eye catching, creative, and relevant visual and video content assets for brands, then utilizes management techniques focused on client’s KPIs to maximize profitability. Your budget is put to its best and most profitable use.

Brand Launch/Activations & Development

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Whether you’re launching a new company, product line, or re-branding, BAM can seamlessly manage the online launch and get the word out to those that matter. Driving revenues from an brand activation is one of our specialties, and development of action plans to continue building on that momentum ensures future growth for our clients as well.

Social Media Management

Social Media is often the first touch point for new clients connecting with brands these days, and it serves as the voice companies are broadcast out to the marketplace on a daily place. Posting and praying for results is not a reliable option. BAM curates a highly customized strategy and manages posting and content creation, while continually fine-tuning the strategy with engaging promotions, contests, custom pages, and other revenue driving methodology.

Content Creation & Marketing

Content is key. It’s become a cliché these days, but true nonetheless. Without compelling and constant content curation, your brand gets lost in the fold. Our team believes in and creates fascinating stories under the strategic umbrella of a lasting brand strategy. Content creation only comes from a full understanding of your company’s brand vision, and the BAM team integrates completely with our clients, while bringing new and fresh ideas to the table.


Not sure which direction is best for you? We can develop a marketing plan to suit your needs and budget. Contact us to set up a free consultation with our business development department. Contact us here.

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